Who is "We Do Bathrooms?"

“We Do Bathrooms” is a professional “design and build” contracting company, totally devoted to bathroom renovations. Our family business is locally owned, and we have been in the construction industry in the Lower Mainland for more than thirty years. We specialize in all types of bathroom renovation projects from simple to complex! Whether you are considering a simple upgrade, converting your bathtub to a large walk-in shower, or a complete transformation to your existing bathroom, we can help you with your project!

Why use a bathroom specialist?

At “We Do Bathrooms”, we dedicate our entire focus on only one component of your home or business, the bathroom! Our vast knowledge of design, products, techniques, pricing and scheduling, ensures that you receive superior attention to all details specific to your unique bathroom remodel. It has been proven that bathroom renovations add substantial value and personal enjoyment to a home.

How am I protected on costs?

Once the design guidelines and scope of work are finalized for each project, “We Do Bathrooms” and the Client enter into a simple fixed price contract allowing for some variance at the Owner’s request. However, over 90% of our projects stay within the original agreed upon quotation and specifications.

Do I have any design input?

We rely on our Client’s vision of the finished project, color pallet, preferred layout and general style. From there you work with our team of renovation professionals to create complete specifications for your proposed project, to your satisfaction. It is very seldom that Clients choose to use additional designer services. We work with you on every aspect of your renovation, and are happy to assist with product decisions, as you request. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about current design trends, and being able to provide these options to you.

Many simple bathroom remodels stay within about 10 to 15 working days, while more complex renovations can take as long as as 30 - 60 days to complete. Prior to signing the contract, a timeline for each project is discussed. All scheduling is done as efficiently as possible, resulting in the least amount of inconvenience for the Client. In most cases, projects do not begin until all materials are chosen and acquired, resulting in the most time-effecient renovation!

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

“We Do Bathrooms” carries $2,000,000 liability insurance and Work Safe BC coverage. We have a clear understanding of the regulations of Strata Corporations and the requirements and expectations of homeowners. We are professionals in our field, and customer satisfaction is paramount with us.

Is "We Do Bathrooms" insured and qualified?

Can I supply my own materials?

We Do Bathrooms’ purchasing power and support from our Suppliers and Sub-contractors ensures that you are receiving the best possible pricing, warranties, selection and availability of products. Everyone working with us is familiar with our systems, and is able to stay within the desired timelines and budget set for your project. Occasionally a Client wishes to provide a specific product, and we are certainly willing to discuss this option and accommodate when possible.

The references we provide are recent Clients who have agreed to be contacted by folks considering a renovation with our company. They are happy to answer questions regarding their renovation experience with “We Do Bathrooms”. Our company offers a one-year workmanship warranty as well as Manufacturer’s own warranties. Because we are a long-standing local company, happy Clients and quality workmanship are a high priority.

What about references and warranty coverage?

Simply give us a phone call 604.807.0979 or email us at info@wedobathrooms.ca and we will plan a complimentary visit to discuss your bathroom renovation options. All projects are scheduled to begin whenever it best suits the Client, either immediately or a few weeks or months in the future. Once a contract is signed and a small deposit taken, your renovation “start time” is guaranteed on our company work calendar. Let this be the year you upgrade your bathroom!

How do we start the bathroom renovation process?