Tips For Cleaning Grout in Your Bathroom

A frequent question is “how do I clean the grout around the tile in my bathroom”?  Firstly, it is helpful to know that most mold and mildew is caused by a build up of soap, shampoo, or other foreign particles that linger around your tile.  Although most porcelain and ceramic tiles resist staining, grout is porous and can absorb dirt, soap and shampoo more easily.  Frequently cleaning your bathroom will help alleviate stained grout.

The first step is to give your tile a good “once over” with warm water and a cloth to remove surface dirt.  If you are lucky enough to own a steamer, this is really helpful for this purpose.  Next, make a simple solution of equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.  Spritz it on your tile, brush lightly and rinse.  Use this cleaning method weekly to help keep your grout clean and mold free. 

For tougher stains, try making a paste of three parts baking soda to one-part water.  Wipe this solution on the grout lines with your fingers (you may want to wear gloves), leave on a few minutes and follow up with the vinegar/water spray.  It will get fizzy, but this is part of the cleaning process!   Lightly scrub with a small brush – this is where the real work comes in, but it is worth the effort!  I find that an old toothbrush works beautifully to get around the small grout edges, but any small brush can be used for this purpose.   Next, rinse with a wet rag and water.  Most times this is a very effective cleaning method.

For very stubborn areas of mold or mildew on grout, a solution of bleach and water can be used.  I suggest you spray on and leave for about 10-15 minutes, lightly scrub with a soft brush and thoroughly rinse.  As this is a harsher product, use sparingly, and be sure to safe guard your clothing.    

Of course, there are many commercial products on the market that are very effective cleaners.  One of the great improvements over the years is that grout lines have become much thinner, making them less prominent and easier to manage.  After all, clean grout is the frame around your bathroom tile, and will make it look fresh and fantastic!

Choosing the Correct Grout Color to Compliment Your Bathroom Tile

Grout is the compound that goes between your bathroom tiles, and is available in a large variety of colors.   It is made primarily of a mixture of cement, water and sand, and it forms a waterproof seal when applied correctly. 

The color of grout you choose for your bathroom tiling project will greatly influence the overall effect of your design.  Choosing a grout shade is never particularly easy, but there are two basic rules to know that may be helpful. 

Firstly, if you want to have a more monochromatic look in your room overall, choose a grout color close to the color of your tile.  This is particularly effective if your tile has a minimal pattern, as it will give your room a cohesive, subdued, more refined feel.  It can even make your bathroom appear visually larger. 

Secondly, if your tile has a strong pattern or texture that you wish to accentuate, it is very effective to choose a darker, contrasting grout color.  This will frame the tile pattern, and can be very dramatic.  It is also effective if more than one tile choice is being used, as it will unify the design if a grout color is chosen that is common among all the tiles placed. 

When choosing your grout, keep in mind that light colored grouts are harder to keep clean, as dirt and spills are more easily noticed.  On the other hand, a dark colored grout may not show any dirt or discoloration, but could possibly stain the tile when applied if the tile has not been properly sealed or is very porous.  It is also worth keeping in mind that a darker grout color will highlight any imperfections or variances in the tile installation, which may be undesirable.

If in doubt, a safe color choice for grout is almost always a medium grey tone, unless you are using a light blue or grey tile, in which case be careful that the grey shades are in the same “color family”.   

The tile setter doing your renovation work is an experienced professional and can most certainly make an appropriate recommendation for a suitable grout color to use for your bathroom renovation project.  Another great resource is the design team at the tile store where your tiles were purchased. 

Maintenance Considerations Prior to a Renovation

Ensuring that your hot water tank is in good repair is an often-overlooked prerequisite for a renovation requiring the update of plumbing fixtures.

An aging hot water tank can result in sediment and rusty build up flushing through the system when new valves are installed, and water is shut on and off.  Occasionally we receive service calls for this problem following a bathroom renovation, and it is almost always traced back to a decayed or rusting hot water tank.

Prior to making any plumbing changes, a quick check to ensure that everything is working effectively is always a good idea, particularly in an older home.   Whether you are doing your renovation yourself, or hiring an outside contractor, this is always a helpful consideration. 


Langley Home Renovation Show Is Around The Corner

We are very excited that the Langley Home Show is only days away!  We hope you can join us at the 18th Annual HomeExpo on May 24 – 26th!  This great building/renovation/décor show will be held at the George Preston Rec Centre, located at 20699 42nd Avenue.  It is the perfect place to get fresh ideas and motivation for any home project you are considering.  One of the great perks for attendees is that the show is absolutely free of charge!!  You will find the We Do Bathrooms team at Booth #57.  Bring a sketch of your bathroom along and let’s brainstorm ideas for your dream renovation.  Hope to see you there!

Photo by damedeeso/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by damedeeso/iStock / Getty Images

Some Thoughts On Choosing A New Toilet

There are a lot of considerations when choosing a new toilet, and many exciting options to contemplate.  Perhaps the simplest and best advice is to visit a local showroom such as “Splashes” or “The Ensuite”,    to view first-hand the various configurations and styles available to choose from.   A new toilet can drastically improve your bathroom experience, so be aware of key considerations such as price, style, efficiency and a reputable manufacturer.  Before shopping for your new commode, remember to check the width, depth and height of your available bathroom space.  It is helpful to keep in mind that you will require about 30” for toilet placement in your bathroom, which is approximately 15” each direction measuring from the middle of the toilet bowl, side to side. 

One of the first considerations for most folks, is the style and configuration of a new toilet.  Of course, there are many toilet options to choose from, from traditional to those with a modern flair.  Most manufacturers offer similar toilet styles, although pricing can vary greatly.  Deciding between a one-piece toilet (sculpted into a single unit) and a two-piece toilet (which have a separate tank and bowl bolted together upon installation), is a personal preference.  At We Do Bathrooms, we are currently noting a preference towards a sleeker model that offers easy cleaning with an enclosed, skirted trap.     In our experience, the American Standard Studio Series two-piece toilet is a very popular choice and a good value. 

Most traditional toilets are approximately 15-1/2“ from the floor to the seat.  “Comfort height” toilets are approximately two-to-three inches higher than a standard toilet, and are especially ideal for tall people and those with back issues.  An elongated toilet is often considered more comfortable due to its extended front, but isn’t suitable for all bathrooms, due to space limitations.  Round front toilets, because of their compact design, fit beautifully into smaller spaces and powder rooms.  A wall hung toilet is another option, most suited to a very modern décor.

Water consumption and flushing systems are other things to think about.  Toilets are rated on their water consumption, so it is easy to compare the performance of units.  Most modern toilets use considerably less water per flush than their older counterparts, up to 50% less!  Some folks consider a high efficiency toilet to be good for both the environment and their pocket book in the long run.  Dual flush systems that offer a full or partial flush are important to some homeowners, but keep in mind that “top flushing” styles are not suitable for use in all instances.   For instance, in bathrooms with “porkchop” style countertops, the flush buttons would not be accessible.

Currently white is by far the most popular color choice for toilets and other bathroom fixtures.  Black, bone and other custom colors will add extra cost to the price of items, and can be trendy and quickly date your bathroom.  It is better to add color accents with towels, curtains or other accessories, which allow you to change the look frequently without a long-term commitment to a particular color scheme.

Bidets have become less popular over the past years, with some opting for a “washlet” as an alternative.  Because these fixtures require electricity to function, it is important to consider the installation of this item at the outset of your renovation.  The washlet is a two-piece system, consisting of a special seat and the washlet itself.

Other accessories for your toilet are completely arbitrary… there are soft seats, self-closing lids, even toilets that self-flush and self-clean!  These considerations, although luxurious and wonderful, completely depend on your personal needs and budget.  To assist you in making your decisions, a We Do Bathrooms team member will recommend a toilet suited for your renovation after meeting with you in your home.  We can discuss the various toilet features available, to assist you in making your final decision. You can consider all your options, and pick the toilet perfect for your bathroom.  Enjoy the process of choosing your new toilet…it is something you will use every day for many years to come!

How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Take?

How long does it take to complete a bathroom renovation?  We are asked this over and over again by folks considering a renovation project.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a set answer for the question!

In general, most standard bathroom renovations take about two to four weeks.  This would include the removal and disposal of the original bathroom contents, full replacement all bathroom fixtures, removal and replacement of tile, construction of a new custom vanity, quartz countertop and backsplash, a 10 millimeter frameless glass shower, installation of a new fan and lighting, drywall repair and painting, and a professional cleaning at completion of the project.  Obviously, there are variations on this scope of work, depending on what the client wants to do.  Some projects are very simple, and others can be more detailed and complex!

Because at We Do Bathrooms, we only DO bathrooms, the process for a renovation is very efficient.  Our team and suppliers have a system that runs seamlessly to ensure every project is completed as discussed in advance with our client.  We plan for every renovation to run as smoothly as possible, and the end result is a beautiful, inspiring bathroom!


Bathroom Renovation Plans

The spring BC Home and Garden Show for 2019 has come and gone, and it was certainly a busy, successful event.  Our We Do Bathrooms team would like to thank the many folks who stopped by our booth at BC Place Stadium to discuss their bathroom renovation plans.  It was truly exciting to see so many families planning to make upgrades to their homes this year.  For some, it will be transforming a bathtub space to a large walk-in shower, for others it will be an entire “gut and re-do” of their existing bathroom.  We appreciate all of you who booked appointments with us for a complimentary in-home consultation, and to others who plan to call when they get closer to making their renovation plans a reality. 

We look forward to our next home show event, which will be the Tri-Cities 18th Annual Spring Home Expo on March 29, 30 and 31, 2019 at the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex in Coquitlam.  If you didn’t have an opportunity to pop by to chat with us in Vancouver, we hope we will see you in Coquitlam!  Of course, we are happy to meet you in your home anytime for a complimentary consultation to discuss your bathroom renovation.  Call us at 604-807-0979 or email to schedule a convenient time and date!

Photo by ollegN/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ollegN/iStock / Getty Images

BC Home and Garden Show Is On This Week!

The 2019 BC Home and Garden Show starts tomorrow!  We hope to see you at BC Place Stadium February 20 – 24th.  The WE DO BATHROOMS team will be at Booth #1343.  We will be there to visit with you and to discuss your bathroom renovation plans!  Bring your dreams with you! 

Just a reminder, tickets can be purchased in advance at a discount on the Vancouver Home and Garden Show website, and Seniors (60 years+) can enjoy a $6.00 entry fee before 6:00pm on both Thursday and Friday!  See you there!

Choosing a Bathroom Sink

Years ago, when my husband and I built our home, pedestal sinks were very popular and considered a new trend for bathrooms.  I was excited to choose three different models for various bathrooms in our house, as they were available in styles that ranged from vintage to a very sleek, contemporary look.  Although ideal for small spaces, I have come to realize that the downfall of these sinks is their lack of storage and counter area.  They are most suited to a powder room where storage isn’t a necessity and floor space is at a minimum. 

Wall mounted sinks also take up very little space and no floor area at all.  Similar to pedestal sinks, they provide little usable counter area.  However, they are arguably one of the easiest styles of sinks to thoroughly clean, and are ideal for a small area and a modern setting.

Vessel sinks have been another popular trend, particularly in more contemporary decors.  They are simply a bowl that is mounted on top of the countertop.  The material options for these basins are really endless… they could be made of porcelain, glass, wood, stone, or virtually any other product that can hold water and be drilled for a drain!  Because of this, these sinks are often very beautiful and unusual in color and style.  Their downfall is that they require a very tall faucet and one that has a long enough reach to avoid splashing.   In addition, they can be difficult to clean around the base.  If you have young children in your household, they also are substantially higher than a regular sink to reach.

Self rimming sinks are a traditional option, and are easy to install.  They have a rolled edge or rim that sits on top of the countertop, and usually can be changed without causing damage to the surface. These are suitable for use with almost any countertop material, and are most often made of either porcelain or ceramic.

By far the most popular style of sink in recent years is the undermount variety.  These sinks are fitted so that there is a flush lip with the countertop, making cleaning a breeze and offering a sleek, modern look.  They are quite understated visually, leaving the focus on the fixtures.  These sinks are available in many shapes and colors to suit almost any décor or style.

Whatever your sink preference, the ideal place to begin viewing these options is a showroom that offers a wide variety of styles to compare.  Our team at We Do Bathrooms would be happy to assist with any product choices for your bathroom renovation project, based on our vast experience and knowledge of current industry trends.  We are committed to helping you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

Bring Your Bathroom Renovation Dreams to the Vancouver Home Show

The BC Home and Garden Show at the BC Place Stadium in Vancouver is happening again this year on February 20 to 24, 2019.   Here you can get inspired with new ideas to upgrade your home and outdoor spaces, plus enjoy an opportunity to chat with experts about practically any project you plan to undertake. 

This year you can find the WE DO BATHROOMS team at Booth #1343, ready to meet with you to discuss your bathroom remodeling plans.  Whether you live in White Rock, Surrey, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver, or one of the many other neighboring areas, we will be excited to work with you on your bathroom renovation project!  We hope to see you at the show, and a reminder that you can save $2.00 by purchasing your tickets online by visiting the Vancouver Home and Garden Show website!

Photo by ollegN/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ollegN/iStock / Getty Images

Paint Color Trends For 2019

Many clients like to ask what the popular paint color choices are for bathrooms for the current year.   Design styles and trends certainly change over time and so it is natural that paint and color palettes will follow suit.  However, it seems that there aren’t going to be any drastic changes to top bathrooms colors in 2019.  Designers indicate that the trends we have seen towards classic neutral tones seem to be carrying forward, making the hottest color picks still very spa-like and “zen friendly”.  So how does one decide on a paint color for their newly renovated bathroom?

Fortunately, choices for paint colors are usually the last decisions to be made during a renovation.  Usually we suggest our clients start with reviewing fixturing selections, and then work on tile, vanity and quartz countertop choices.  Generally, there are two basic options for color – either a cool palette usually made up of soft grays, sharp whites and blue tones, or a warm palette which leans more towards elegant beiges, earthy taupes and creamy whites.  Grey and beige tones both continue to be strong leaders in color choices for bathrooms for the coming year.  Although it may feel daunting, it is easier to pick a color for your bathroom than you think.  To create a simple cohesive look, pull out one of the accent colors from your floor or shower tile to use on the walls.  Use a deeper tone of this same color in your towels and other accessories to really unify the look.  White vanities and trim will give your bathroom a clean, crisp modern style, especially when paired with gleaming polished chrome or other metal accents.   Elegance and drama can easily be achieved by using a rich, monochromatic color scheme on walls, countertops, vanities and even ceilings, allowing the focus to be on stunning floor or shower tile. 

Color-wise, if you aren’t sure you want a grey bathroom, perhaps a watery blue may be perfect for your space.  If beige sounds boring, try a slightly deeper sandy tone or even a muted brown.  Keep in mind the space will seem cozier, calmer and more intimate if painted a darker shade, and lighter colors tend to visually enlarge and brighten a small area.  It is wise to avoid trendy, loud colors in your bathroom as they can be too overwhelming in a smaller room and may not be appealing to potential purchasers if you plan to sell your home.  I believe the continued popularity of neutral palettes is because they are easy to accessorize, and go with any style of bathroom.  It is also interesting to note that the majority of the vanities and cabinetry we supply for your renovation will be custom made especially for your bathroom, and can be painted or stained in any color option you would like.

In 2018, by far the most popular grey paint choice our clients chose to use was Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Owl”.  It is a pleasing, soft gray that easily goes with most decors.  An excellent recommendation in the taupe family is “Muslin”, another Benjamin Moore pick.  The sky is the limit with color options, so have fun, and remember…it’s only paint!

Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone on your list?  Your bathroom can offer suggestions that are both creative and useful.

A set of beautiful towels or a luxurious bathmat is always a gift that is appreciated.  Cozy bathrobes, which could be monogrammed for an extra special touch, would delight any recipient, and make excellent “his and her” gifts.  A new soap dish or dispenser for either a sink or bathtub is always delightful to receive.  For stocking stuffers or hostess gifts, why not consider pretty soaps, bath oils or a lovely room fragrance?  Aromatic candles are a timeless choice that offer hours of enjoyment.

More creative suggestions could include a modern bar light or multi-function shower head.  Updated fixtures in either polished chrome, brushed gold or nickel tones or any one of the other new finishes would add an instant facelift to sinks and bathtubs.  For someone really hard to buy for, a heated towel warmer is a wonderful suggestion, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Of course, the ultimate suggestion would be a total bathroom make-over in the new year!  Why not give your spouse or partner a present that they can enjoy every day?  WE DO BATHROOMS would be delighted to help make this ideal gift a reality for you or someone you care about.

Whatever Your Dream...

Several years ago, in celebration of our twentieth wedding anniversary, George and I took a Mediterranean Cruise.  We visited many historical sites and were impressed by the gorgeous architecture and wonderful history that we learned about.  One comment we kept making during our travels was “We should have taken pictures of all the different bathrooms we encountered”.  There were incredible extremes… from holes created in stones for use as toilets in the ancient City of Ephesus to stylish extravagance in restrooms on the French Riviera!  So many different takes on the simple concept of a bathroom! 

In our culture, bathrooms also vary greatly.  Some are basic, small and utilitarian while others create a lavish spa experience for the user with each visit.  Over recent years we have certainly seen a trend towards larger, more luxurious spaces for bathrooms.  In our business, as a “Design and Build” renovation company, we are sometimes able to work with Clients to expand their space – which could mean incorporating an underused closet or perhaps knocking out a wall here or there.  We can also suggest colors, tiles, and fixturing that are best suited to the size and style you are after, to make the most out of your room.  Other times, folks just want an updated, freshened up bathroom and a simple upgrade is exactly what they are after.  We work closely with each of our Clients to discuss options, budget, personal needs and dreams, and can sometimes suggest possibilities that hadn’t previously been considered.  With “We Do Bathrooms”, you will end up with exactly the renovation you envisioned at the start of your project.  Our “We Do Bathrooms” team would love to work with you to create the best bathroom possible for your home. 

Photo by Ramaboin/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Ramaboin/iStock / Getty Images

Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List


Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone on your list?  Your bathroom can offer suggestions that are both creative and useful.

A set of beautiful towels or a luxurious bathmat is always a gift that is appreciated.  Cozy bathrobes, which could be monogrammed for an extra special touch, would delight any recipient, and make excellent “his and her” gifts.  A new soap dish or dispenser for either a sink or bathtub is always delightful to receive.  For stocking stuffers or hostess gifts, why not consider pretty soaps, bath oils or a lovely room fragrance?  Aromatic candles are a timeless choice that offer hours of enjoyment.

More creative suggestions could include a modern bar light or multi-function shower head.  Updated fixtures in either polished chrome, brushed gold or nickel tones or any one of the other new finishes would add an instant facelift to sinks and bathtubs.  For someone really hard to buy for, a heated towel warmer is a wonderful suggestion, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Of course, the ultimate suggestion would be a total bathroom make-over in the new year!  Why not give your spouse or partner a present that they can enjoy every day?  WE DO BATHROOMS would be delighted to help make this ideal gift a reality for you or someone you care about.

Your Bathroom Renovation

The Vancouver Fall Home Show ended this past weekend on Sunday, and it was such a pleasure to meet so many great folks considering a bathroom renovation.  It seems like many of us turn our attention to the inside of our homes at this time of year, and plan to either update before the holidays are upon us, or soon into the new year.  In either case, it is an excellent time to book your bathroom renovation to ensure you are slated on our upcoming project schedule. 

Once we visit your home and provide a detailed quotation for the work you are considering, we will enter into a simple “fixed price” contract with you for your project.  You will know the cost of your renovation, receive direction on making the perfect fixturing and tile choices for your bathroom, and together we will decide on the timing that works best for you. 

This week I uploaded several new photos to our “Inspirations” page on our website.  It was so enjoyable to select these photographs from the hundreds taken from recent renovations we have completed.  Each one represents a unique desire or a personal dream from one of our Clients.  Every single bathroom we complete is entirely original and custom created for each family and home.  It is very rewarding to help people fall back in love with their bathrooms.  After all, it’s the place we begin and end each day!  We look forward to working with you on your renovation project.



Bathtub Bliss

There are certainly some wonderful bathtub choices available now, and few things can rival the restorative pleasure of a long, leisurely soak in a tub after a hectic day.  Current trends for master bathrooms lean towards deeper, freestanding soaker bathtubs, no longer necessary to be placed against a wall.  Wherever these stylish tubs are situated in a room, they look beautiful and elegant from all views. 

Other bathtub choices include those designed to be used with surrounds made of tile, quartz, marble, or a host of other finishes.  These would include drop in models, ideal for alcoves and available in a multitude of sizes, or stylish undermount tubs, which have a seamless, flat top edge and appear to be “built in” to the top slab. 

Of course, the traditional combination of a tub and shower is still available with modern upgrades.  These often suit smaller spaces or secondary bathrooms where size, cost, and practicality are main considerations.  Adding stylish fixtures can make a huge difference to a simple bathtub and shower.

There are limitless options for upgraded features to bathtubs, including multiple jets, elaborate lighting, hydrothermal therapy, audio features, and an endless list of other possibilities.  Of course, the more “bells and whistles” included, the more the Client can expect to pay for these extraordinary tubs.

A great idea when considering a new bathtub, is to visit a supplier showroom.  Here you can consider and compare various style options, view fixturing, and often even “sit” a tub to see if the size is correct for your needs!  After all, a new bathtub is one of the largest visual components of your renovated bathroom, and one of the greatest pleasures you will enjoy!

Photo by adogslifephoto/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by adogslifephoto/iStock / Getty Images

A Bathtub or A Large Shower?

The popularity of glass enclosed, walk-in showers has grown tremendously in recent years.  It is a common renovation plan to remove a smaller bathroom shower and replace it with a larger version, often with multiple jets, a rain head, and a handheld shower wand on a sliding bar.  Most times these expanded showers accommodate a built-in bench, a shampoo niche, a modern looking frameless glass shower enclosure, and feature larger format porcelain tile.  An increased shower space when renovating a bathroom is an affordable luxury for most of us.

To accommodate the trend towards these bigger showers, some folks make the decision to eliminate their bathtub altogether and replace this space with an expanded shower.  We are often asked if this is a wise decision.  The answer is simple… if you have another bathtub elsewhere in your home, it is perfectly fine to replace a tub with a spacious, walk-in style shower.  In most cases, a large, luxurious shower is considered an important upgrade to an updated bathroom.  Conversely, if there is only one tub in your home, re-sale considerations may come into play.  Many folks still consider having a bathtub somewhere in the home a necessity, whether it be for bathing their child or a pet!

Whatever your favorite way is to begin or end your day – whether it be with a refreshing, rejuvenating shower or a lingering soak in a bubbly bathtub, we would be very happy to help you decide what the best fit is for your home, your lifestyle and your budget!


Vancouver Fall Home Show Coming Soon

Clearly autumn is nearly here.  The cooler, rainy days have returned, kids are back at school and the days are getting shorter. Seems like autumn, by its very nature, causes us to turn our attention towards our interior spaces and cozying up our homes.  It’s the perfect time to be thinking about that bathroom renovation you have been considering, and the ideal timing to ensure its completion before the holidays are here! 

Again, this year WE DO BATHROOMS will have a booth at the Vancouver Fall Home Show, which runs from October 18 – 21 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Why don’t you plan to stop by and meet with us, perhaps bring a sketch or a photo of your bathroom and together we can discuss the renovation options you are considering.  It’s a perfect time to get inspired, consider all your possibilities and take a step towards the perfect bathroom you have always wanted. 

We will be located at Booth 1140, and we look forward to meeting you!

Photo by adogslifephoto/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by adogslifephoto/iStock / Getty Images

Quartz is where its at!

Years ago, the only real option for countertops was arborite.  It could be found in kitchens, laundry rooms, garage surfaces and of course, on bathroom countertops.  Although it was a popular product in its day, there are now a wide range of possible choices for surfaces.  Over the past several years, countertop options have included tile, granite, marble, concrete, laminates, and even glass.  All of these products offer certain advantages and characteristics and represented a growing interest in bathroom décor.

By far the most popular countertop choice in recent years is quartz.  Quartz has the look of natural stone, without the maintenance.   Made from a combination of mineral, color and resin, it is non-porous, extremely durable, and can be moulded into virtually any shape or size.  One of the most exciting features is its consistency in color, unlike other natural stone choices such as granite or marble, and is available in a vast array of hues and patterns.  It also does not require the maintenance of sealing, and is very easy to clean.

We have an excellent source for quartz products, and our Clients are guided through the process of choosing the ideal color and pattern for their bathroom renovation project.  As a note, we usually recommend that tile is chosen first and then look at various countertop options.  It is much easier to match a quartz product to tile, which generally covers the largest surface in your bathroom.

So Many Choices... Where To Begin?


Often when we meet with folks to discuss a bathroom renovation, their first comment is “we just don’t know where to start!”  It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the millions of choices out there for fixtures, tiles, paint colors, and accessories.  The options are virtually unlimited.

A great place to begin, is to browse through decorating magazines, websites (such as or home publications to zero in on bathroom photos that appeal to you in some way.  Once you find one you like, take the time to scrutinize what it is that draws you to the photo.  Is it the color scheme, the size or shape of the bathtub or shower, or perhaps the tile design?  In time, you may begin to see a pattern in the types of bathrooms that you enjoy.  This will help to determine the style of room that most fits with your preferences, be it contemporary, traditional, or eclectic.  Once you zero in on a particular “look” that appeals to you, it will undoubtedly make all of your choices much easier.

At We Do Bathrooms, we are fortunate to partner with a number of excellent industry resources, who are leaders in all areas of bathroom products.   They are happy to work with you to discover the perfect combination of options that will result in a bathroom that will truly be exactly what you envisioned at the start of your renovation project.  This includes assistance with design, colors and coordination of tile options and help to determine the perfect fixturing that will fit with both your budget and style.  Our cabinetry and vanities are custom designed and built to your specifications, handmade from 5/8” plywood and stained or painted to the color of your choice.  Glass is carefully crafted by local experts, who can create the perfect size and shape of shower, mirrors, and shelving. 

We treat every project individually, with the utmost care to each detail, as we understand that embarking on a renovation can be a challenging undertaking for the homeowner.  We are very happy to help you wade through all the choices and options available.  Our professional renovation team looks forward to meeting you and working with you to create the bathroom of your dreams!

Photo by Chris Amaral/DigitalVision / Getty Images

Photo by Chris Amaral/DigitalVision / Getty Images

The Importance of a Bathroom

A bathroom is the unsung hero of a home’s décor.  It is the place we begin our day - with a facewash, a shave or to brush our teeth, and also end each day – doing much the same thing, perhaps finding solace in a tub filled with bubbles, or to enjoy a mind clearing hot shower.  It is the place where many significant decisions are considered daily – what to wear, what medication to give little Johnny for his sore throat, if one is in need of a haircut.  It doubles as a dressing room, a medication dispensary, a home spa, and in some cases, an exercise space.

It is the one room in our homes that every one of us uses many times a day, and the room we let friends (and sometimes strangers) lock themselves into for the most intimate, private moments.

Although our bathrooms usually have no additional furnishings or many personal extravagances, they easily bely their own persona – be it romantic, contemporary, spa-like or bohemian.

And yet often very little time, consideration, or value is given to choosing details for this under-rated room.  We seldom contemplate the length of one’s bathtub, or whether the lighting is sufficient.  Do we consider the height and flushing capabilities of our toilet, or if the vanity would be more conveniently used, if it were slightly higher (or lower)?  And what about heated floors, tiled walls, or warming towel racks?  The choices go on and on that would make our bathrooms truly unique, and perfectly suited to our personal needs and style.  Perhaps it’s time to really examine this important room, and give it the attention and investment it deserves. 

After all, it’s where we all begin and end each day!