A Bathtub or A Large Shower?

The popularity of glass enclosed, walk-in showers has grown tremendously in recent years.  It is a common renovation plan to remove a smaller bathroom shower and replace it with a larger version, often with multiple jets, a rain head, and a handheld shower wand on a sliding bar.  Most times these expanded showers accommodate a built-in bench, a shampoo niche, a modern looking frameless glass shower enclosure, and feature larger format porcelain tile.  An increased shower space when renovating a bathroom is an affordable luxury for most of us.

To accommodate the trend towards these bigger showers, some folks make the decision to eliminate their bathtub altogether and replace this space with an expanded shower.  We are often asked if this is a wise decision.  The answer is simple… if you have another bathtub elsewhere in your home, it is perfectly fine to replace a tub with a spacious, walk-in style shower.  In most cases, a large, luxurious shower is considered an important upgrade to an updated bathroom.  Conversely, if there is only one tub in your home, re-sale considerations may come into play.  Many folks still consider having a bathtub somewhere in the home a necessity, whether it be for bathing their child or a pet!

Whatever your favorite way is to begin or end your day – whether it be with a refreshing, rejuvenating shower or a lingering soak in a bubbly bathtub, we would be very happy to help you decide what the best fit is for your home, your lifestyle and your budget!