Paint Color Trends For 2019

Many clients like to ask what the popular paint color choices are for bathrooms for the current year.   Design styles and trends certainly change over time and so it is natural that paint and color palettes will follow suit.  However, it seems that there aren’t going to be any drastic changes to top bathrooms colors in 2019.  Designers indicate that the trends we have seen towards classic neutral tones seem to be carrying forward, making the hottest color picks still very spa-like and “zen friendly”.  So how does one decide on a paint color for their newly renovated bathroom?

Fortunately, choices for paint colors are usually the last decisions to be made during a renovation.  Usually we suggest our clients start with reviewing fixturing selections, and then work on tile, vanity and quartz countertop choices.  Generally, there are two basic options for color – either a cool palette usually made up of soft grays, sharp whites and blue tones, or a warm palette which leans more towards elegant beiges, earthy taupes and creamy whites.  Grey and beige tones both continue to be strong leaders in color choices for bathrooms for the coming year.  Although it may feel daunting, it is easier to pick a color for your bathroom than you think.  To create a simple cohesive look, pull out one of the accent colors from your floor or shower tile to use on the walls.  Use a deeper tone of this same color in your towels and other accessories to really unify the look.  White vanities and trim will give your bathroom a clean, crisp modern style, especially when paired with gleaming polished chrome or other metal accents.   Elegance and drama can easily be achieved by using a rich, monochromatic color scheme on walls, countertops, vanities and even ceilings, allowing the focus to be on stunning floor or shower tile. 

Color-wise, if you aren’t sure you want a grey bathroom, perhaps a watery blue may be perfect for your space.  If beige sounds boring, try a slightly deeper sandy tone or even a muted brown.  Keep in mind the space will seem cozier, calmer and more intimate if painted a darker shade, and lighter colors tend to visually enlarge and brighten a small area.  It is wise to avoid trendy, loud colors in your bathroom as they can be too overwhelming in a smaller room and may not be appealing to potential purchasers if you plan to sell your home.  I believe the continued popularity of neutral palettes is because they are easy to accessorize, and go with any style of bathroom.  It is also interesting to note that the majority of the vanities and cabinetry we supply for your renovation will be custom made especially for your bathroom, and can be painted or stained in any color option you would like.

In 2018, by far the most popular grey paint choice our clients chose to use was Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Owl”.  It is a pleasing, soft gray that easily goes with most decors.  An excellent recommendation in the taupe family is “Muslin”, another Benjamin Moore pick.  The sky is the limit with color options, so have fun, and remember…it’s only paint!