Choosing a Bathroom Sink

Years ago, when my husband and I built our home, pedestal sinks were very popular and considered a new trend for bathrooms.  I was excited to choose three different models for various bathrooms in our house, as they were available in styles that ranged from vintage to a very sleek, contemporary look.  Although ideal for small spaces, I have come to realize that the downfall of these sinks is their lack of storage and counter area.  They are most suited to a powder room where storage isn’t a necessity and floor space is at a minimum. 

Wall mounted sinks also take up very little space and no floor area at all.  Similar to pedestal sinks, they provide little usable counter area.  However, they are arguably one of the easiest styles of sinks to thoroughly clean, and are ideal for a small area and a modern setting.

Vessel sinks have been another popular trend, particularly in more contemporary decors.  They are simply a bowl that is mounted on top of the countertop.  The material options for these basins are really endless… they could be made of porcelain, glass, wood, stone, or virtually any other product that can hold water and be drilled for a drain!  Because of this, these sinks are often very beautiful and unusual in color and style.  Their downfall is that they require a very tall faucet and one that has a long enough reach to avoid splashing.   In addition, they can be difficult to clean around the base.  If you have young children in your household, they also are substantially higher than a regular sink to reach.

Self rimming sinks are a traditional option, and are easy to install.  They have a rolled edge or rim that sits on top of the countertop, and usually can be changed without causing damage to the surface. These are suitable for use with almost any countertop material, and are most often made of either porcelain or ceramic.

By far the most popular style of sink in recent years is the undermount variety.  These sinks are fitted so that there is a flush lip with the countertop, making cleaning a breeze and offering a sleek, modern look.  They are quite understated visually, leaving the focus on the fixtures.  These sinks are available in many shapes and colors to suit almost any décor or style.

Whatever your sink preference, the ideal place to begin viewing these options is a showroom that offers a wide variety of styles to compare.  Our team at We Do Bathrooms would be happy to assist with any product choices for your bathroom renovation project, based on our vast experience and knowledge of current industry trends.  We are committed to helping you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.