Some Thoughts On Choosing A New Toilet

There are a lot of considerations when choosing a new toilet, and many exciting options to contemplate.  Perhaps the simplest and best advice is to visit a local showroom such as “Splashes” or “The Ensuite”,    to view first-hand the various configurations and styles available to choose from.   A new toilet can drastically improve your bathroom experience, so be aware of key considerations such as price, style, efficiency and a reputable manufacturer.  Before shopping for your new commode, remember to check the width, depth and height of your available bathroom space.  It is helpful to keep in mind that you will require about 30” for toilet placement in your bathroom, which is approximately 15” each direction measuring from the middle of the toilet bowl, side to side. 

One of the first considerations for most folks, is the style and configuration of a new toilet.  Of course, there are many toilet options to choose from, from traditional to those with a modern flair.  Most manufacturers offer similar toilet styles, although pricing can vary greatly.  Deciding between a one-piece toilet (sculpted into a single unit) and a two-piece toilet (which have a separate tank and bowl bolted together upon installation), is a personal preference.  At We Do Bathrooms, we are currently noting a preference towards a sleeker model that offers easy cleaning with an enclosed, skirted trap.     In our experience, the American Standard Studio Series two-piece toilet is a very popular choice and a good value. 

Most traditional toilets are approximately 15-1/2“ from the floor to the seat.  “Comfort height” toilets are approximately two-to-three inches higher than a standard toilet, and are especially ideal for tall people and those with back issues.  An elongated toilet is often considered more comfortable due to its extended front, but isn’t suitable for all bathrooms, due to space limitations.  Round front toilets, because of their compact design, fit beautifully into smaller spaces and powder rooms.  A wall hung toilet is another option, most suited to a very modern décor.

Water consumption and flushing systems are other things to think about.  Toilets are rated on their water consumption, so it is easy to compare the performance of units.  Most modern toilets use considerably less water per flush than their older counterparts, up to 50% less!  Some folks consider a high efficiency toilet to be good for both the environment and their pocket book in the long run.  Dual flush systems that offer a full or partial flush are important to some homeowners, but keep in mind that “top flushing” styles are not suitable for use in all instances.   For instance, in bathrooms with “porkchop” style countertops, the flush buttons would not be accessible.

Currently white is by far the most popular color choice for toilets and other bathroom fixtures.  Black, bone and other custom colors will add extra cost to the price of items, and can be trendy and quickly date your bathroom.  It is better to add color accents with towels, curtains or other accessories, which allow you to change the look frequently without a long-term commitment to a particular color scheme.

Bidets have become less popular over the past years, with some opting for a “washlet” as an alternative.  Because these fixtures require electricity to function, it is important to consider the installation of this item at the outset of your renovation.  The washlet is a two-piece system, consisting of a special seat and the washlet itself.

Other accessories for your toilet are completely arbitrary… there are soft seats, self-closing lids, even toilets that self-flush and self-clean!  These considerations, although luxurious and wonderful, completely depend on your personal needs and budget.  To assist you in making your decisions, a We Do Bathrooms team member will recommend a toilet suited for your renovation after meeting with you in your home.  We can discuss the various toilet features available, to assist you in making your final decision. You can consider all your options, and pick the toilet perfect for your bathroom.  Enjoy the process of choosing your new toilet…it is something you will use every day for many years to come!