The Importance of a Bathroom

A bathroom is the unsung hero of a home’s décor.  It is the place we begin our day - with a facewash, a shave or to brush our teeth, and also end each day – doing much the same thing, perhaps finding solace in a tub filled with bubbles, or to enjoy a mind clearing hot shower.  It is the place where many significant decisions are considered daily – what to wear, what medication to give little Johnny for his sore throat, if one is in need of a haircut.  It doubles as a dressing room, a medication dispensary, a home spa, and in some cases, an exercise space.

It is the one room in our homes that every one of us uses many times a day, and the room we let friends (and sometimes strangers) lock themselves into for the most intimate, private moments.

Although our bathrooms usually have no additional furnishings or many personal extravagances, they easily bely their own persona – be it romantic, contemporary, spa-like or bohemian.

And yet often very little time, consideration, or value is given to choosing details for this under-rated room.  We seldom contemplate the length of one’s bathtub, or whether the lighting is sufficient.  Do we consider the height and flushing capabilities of our toilet, or if the vanity would be more conveniently used, if it were slightly higher (or lower)?  And what about heated floors, tiled walls, or warming towel racks?  The choices go on and on that would make our bathrooms truly unique, and perfectly suited to our personal needs and style.  Perhaps it’s time to really examine this important room, and give it the attention and investment it deserves. 

After all, it’s where we all begin and end each day!