So Many Choices... Where To Begin?


Often when we meet with folks to discuss a bathroom renovation, their first comment is “we just don’t know where to start!”  It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the millions of choices out there for fixtures, tiles, paint colors, and accessories.  The options are virtually unlimited.

A great place to begin, is to browse through decorating magazines, websites (such as or home publications to zero in on bathroom photos that appeal to you in some way.  Once you find one you like, take the time to scrutinize what it is that draws you to the photo.  Is it the color scheme, the size or shape of the bathtub or shower, or perhaps the tile design?  In time, you may begin to see a pattern in the types of bathrooms that you enjoy.  This will help to determine the style of room that most fits with your preferences, be it contemporary, traditional, or eclectic.  Once you zero in on a particular “look” that appeals to you, it will undoubtedly make all of your choices much easier.

At We Do Bathrooms, we are fortunate to partner with a number of excellent industry resources, who are leaders in all areas of bathroom products.   They are happy to work with you to discover the perfect combination of options that will result in a bathroom that will truly be exactly what you envisioned at the start of your renovation project.  This includes assistance with design, colors and coordination of tile options and help to determine the perfect fixturing that will fit with both your budget and style.  Our cabinetry and vanities are custom designed and built to your specifications, handmade from 5/8” plywood and stained or painted to the color of your choice.  Glass is carefully crafted by local experts, who can create the perfect size and shape of shower, mirrors, and shelving. 

We treat every project individually, with the utmost care to each detail, as we understand that embarking on a renovation can be a challenging undertaking for the homeowner.  We are very happy to help you wade through all the choices and options available.  Our professional renovation team looks forward to meeting you and working with you to create the bathroom of your dreams!

Photo by Chris Amaral/DigitalVision / Getty Images

Photo by Chris Amaral/DigitalVision / Getty Images