Quartz is where its at!

Years ago, the only real option for countertops was arborite.  It could be found in kitchens, laundry rooms, garage surfaces and of course, on bathroom countertops.  Although it was a popular product in its day, there are now a wide range of possible choices for surfaces.  Over the past several years, countertop options have included tile, granite, marble, concrete, laminates, and even glass.  All of these products offer certain advantages and characteristics and represented a growing interest in bathroom décor.

By far the most popular countertop choice in recent years is quartz.  Quartz has the look of natural stone, without the maintenance.   Made from a combination of mineral, color and resin, it is non-porous, extremely durable, and can be moulded into virtually any shape or size.  One of the most exciting features is its consistency in color, unlike other natural stone choices such as granite or marble, and is available in a vast array of hues and patterns.  It also does not require the maintenance of sealing, and is very easy to clean.

We have an excellent source for quartz products, and our Clients are guided through the process of choosing the ideal color and pattern for their bathroom renovation project.  As a note, we usually recommend that tile is chosen first and then look at various countertop options.  It is much easier to match a quartz product to tile, which generally covers the largest surface in your bathroom.